Uniform Policy


2015-2016 School Year Uniforms are mandatory at Isenberg Elementary

School Shirts and Blouses: Any solid color, polo style with collar, long or short sleeves.

Turtleneck Shirts: Any solid color. Slacks (Pants) and Shorts: Navy Blue, Black or Khaki. Shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts: Solid color. Other jackets or sweaters may NOT be worn in the building after school begins at 8:30am. No oversized hoodies or oversized sweatshirts will be allowed. Sweatshirts should be crewneck and non-hooded and non-zippered.

Belts: Belts are required if pants have belt loops. All pants without belt loops must fit appropriately at the waist.

Skirt/Skorts, Capris, Cullottes and Jumpers: Navy Blue or Khaki Tights: Navy Blue, Black, White or Khaki; no patterns or designs

Socks: Any solid color; no patterns or design Shoes: Closed toe and closed heel Jewelry: Cannot be distracting or pose a safety hazard.

Head gear: No sweatbands, head wraps, hats, doo-rags, skull caps, bandanas, picks, or combs will be worn inside school buildings with the exception of those worn under religious reasons or approved by the principal.

General Notes:

1. No logo other than the logo of Isenberg Elementary School may be displayed on clothing.

2. No jeans, jean skirts, jean jumpers, sweatpants, spandex or yoga pants, or hoodies.

3. Shirts must be tucked in.

4. All clothing must fit appropriately.

5. Heavy coats must be taken off inside the classrooms. Sweaters in appropriate solid colors are welcome as needed and outlined above.

6. Clothing may be purchased from any vendor as long as it complies with the uniform requirements.

7. All clothing must follow the Rowan-Salisbury Code of Conduct for Appropriate School Attire ISENBERG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SCHOOL UNIFORM DESCRIPTION

Parental/Communal Support for Students: The cost of school uniforms has proven to be less than what is usually spent for children's school clothing. However, the purchase of school uniforms may continue to be a financial burden for some parent. We, at Isenberg Elementary School, will help support parents with guidelines and procedures that will provide support for assistance in acquiring clothes for the students to have access to the required school uniform.

Protection of Religious Expression: Students may display religious messages on items of clothing to the same extent that they are permitted to display other comparable messages. Religious messages may not be singled out for suppression, but rather are subject to the same rules as generally applied to comparable issues. If wearing particular attire, during the school day were part of a student's religious practice, under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, our school generally would not prohibit the wearing of such items.

Protection of Other Rights of Expression: Students will not be prohibited from wearing or displaying expressive items, for example a button that supports a political candidate, so long as such items do not independently contribute to disruption by substantially interfering with discipline or with the rights of others.


I. Commencement of Uniform Policy

A. The uniform policy shall become effective August 25, 2014, the first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year. Uniforms are mandatory attire.

B. A grace period of ten (10) days shall be given to comply with the uniform policy.

To all new or transfer students from the date of enrollment. Information Dissemination School officials will communicate with parents/guardians information concerning the uniform policy through newsletters, parent meetings, parent/student handbooks, Webpages, Connect ED messages, orientation meetings and/or posters.

II. Assistance for the Acquisition of Uniforms

A. Applications for uniform assistance may be obtained through the main office.

B. A committee and a designated Isenberg Elementary school administrator will review applications. All information discussed will be deemed as confidential information.

C. Those qualifying shall receive uniform components as needed from the available inventory. There will be no reimbursement or refund to parents for the donating or giving clothing to the school for the purpose of outfitting students in need stocking the school's clothing closet.

III. Compliance Measures

A. The intent of the policy is not to inhibit or prohibit any student who is not in uniform from receiving the education to which he/she is entitled, therefore:

1. Every attempt will be made to prevent a child from being suspended or placed in an alternative learning setting for not complying with the policy.

2. No student shall receive a lowered academic grade as a result of not complying with the policy.

3. The school shall communicate with parents or guardians so that the expectation, rationale, and benefits, are fully understood by the student and his/her family.

B. All classroom teachers will conduct a dress code/uniform compliance check immediately following the morning announcements. Students in violation of the uniform policy will report to the main office immediately after morning announcements to conference with the principal and/or asst. principal to determine appropriate course of action to rectify noncompliance:

1. On the first offense, the student and parent will be reminded of the uniform policy. The parent or guardian will be contacted and a request for future compliance will be made. A record of this first offense will be documented.

2. On the second offense, a non-disruptive office referral will be made regarding the noncompliance of the uniform policy. The parent or guardian will be contacted. If a parent or guardian cannot be contacted, the student will be provided with the necessary uniform component(s) to be worn for the remainder of the school day. A record of this second offense will be documented.

3. On the third offense, a non-disruptive office referral will be made and a designated administrator will contact the parent or guardian to schedule a conference and devise a plan to address the issue. A record of this offense and the subsequent conference will be documented.

4. All student discipline shall follow the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Code of Conduct.

5. A positive approach to achieve compliance with the uniform policy will be used throughout the year.

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